BYO Lunch with PEAR Collection Style

Buying lunch every day puts a serious dent in my wallet, so I usually try to bring dinner leftovers to work instead.  It’s just such a sad scene when I pull out an old, beat up plastic Rubbermaid for lunch. Isn’t there a more civilized way of doing leftovers?PEAR Collection Lunchbox

YES! There is! And you won’t be surprised to discover that cute lunch boxes are made in Japan. Instead of carrying your food in a hideous nylon insulated bag, you can tote  your nummies in these adorable bento boxes from the PEAR Collection at Lunch-a-Porter. Three containers with leak-proof lids are stacked neatly inside a cute, narrow case that will fit perfectly in your work purse. The case comes in three different colors, but I’m partial to the pale blue and brown. With such a cute cover, who cares what’s inside?

You can get your own PEAR Collection lunchbox set for $33 on the Lunch-a-Porter site.