Rite in the Rain Notebooks

This dreary weather is straight up giving me a headache. Between the rain dripping through my ceiling in my apartment, and the steady pour that I’ve had to slosh through to get to work, I’m done with this gray weather. But there’s a little yellow light at the end of the tunnel, or maybe it’s just sitting there where I found it, in the middle of the tunnel: Rite in the Rain notebooks.Rite in the Rain Standard Notebook
Rite in the Rain makes paper, pads, and notebooks that are all-weather proof. I’m mostly drawn to their cheery yellow notebooks, just the color you want to see when you’re working in the rain. They come in a huge array of sizes, and have different page patterns inside – you can get everything from a simple college lined sheet to a mathematical grid, to the frenchified cruiser’s transit.

Ever since I’ve started blogging for Power Animals, I’ve been using a little notebook to jot down my ideas. Now, I can write in the rain and I’ll never lose my train of thought. Just the little friend I needed to get me through the spring slosh.

You can see the full line of notebooks online at Rite in the Rain or on Amazon. The Fjallraven store in NoLita also has them in stock.