Coclico: Serious Shoe Envy

I just discovered Coclico shoes and I am in love. They offer a wide variety of simple yet stylish shoes, all with pretty reasonable heels (if not low, they are at least chunky). All of these shoes are really speaking to me, especially the blue suede Kayne morino booties.  Now, if only I had the money to buy a pair or ten!Coclico Shoes


1. Bathan ardesia, $224 (on sale); 2. Kayne morino, $248 (on sale); 3. Seaghan eva papua blue, $279; 4. Odalisk elephant, $330; 5. Chula piombo, $350

They are currently having a sale on many of their Winter/Fall 2010 styles, so there are definite deals to be found. You can check all of the beautiful Coclico shoes online at Shop Coclico.