The Survival Project: Steven Brahms at 3rd Ward

Steven Brahms - The Survival Project at 3rd WardLast week, Steven Brahms, a Brooklyn-based photographer who just happens to be this PA’s live-in lover, was trying to decide what picture to use for the postcards for his upcoming art show. In a strangely prescient moment, Steve went with an image of an Asian man caught in a wave. Little did we know that over the weekend, part of Japan would be drowned out in a tsunami.Evasion Studies - 01This photograph is but one in Steve’s solo show titled The Survival Project, opening this Friday at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn. The project grew out of Steve’s exploration of the urban landscape, and of a need to somehow reconnect with his childhood past in the woods of Wisconsin. The photographs in the series document the skills one would need in case of a sudden catastrophe. The characters within are inspired by people who live on the fringes of society in an urban world. They are consumed by their paranoid tendencies, they live in their dreams, and they all find themselves disconnected from the natural world.Survival Project Part 2The photographs are equally funny, arresting, and thought-provoking, forcing you to consider these characters, who they are, where they came from, and where they are headed. You’ll quickly discover that you have far more in common with them than you’d want to admit.

Survival Studies Part 2

Come to the opening this Friday at 3rd ward, 195 Morgan Ave., from 7-10pm. You can RSVP to the show here. To see more work by Steven Brahms, go to his website here.