Cookbook Review: The Accidental Vegan

Last year I was browsing at Powerhouse Books in DUMBO when a slim cookbook caught my eye. I don’t own many cookbooks and usually Google recipes when I want to make something new. As I paged through The Accidental Vegan by Devra Gartenstein I was stuck by how few ingredients each recipe called for. For me, if the ingredients include a bunch of stuff that is not easily available or sound overly complex, I am not interested.

I am not vegan myself so what I love about these recipes is that they offer basic sauces and vegetable dishes that can stand alone or be used with meat or fish. The instructions are extremely simple and leave plenty of room for you to tweak the recipes to your taste. PA Nina’s  barley salad was inspired by a curried chickpea salad recipe in the book to which she added barley, cilantro and a few extra touches.

This book might be too basic for some but for me it offers realistic quick recipes that are healthy and save me from plain old steamed vegetables, again. You can pick up a copy for yourself here!