Do Two things at Once! Provide Relief Funds for Japan and Acquire Cute Things

We are all devastated by the tragedy in Japan and want to do our part to provide relief funding or donations that will help those affected by the earthquake, tsunami, and potential nuclear crisis (so scary).

A bunch of people, including Lady Gaga and a few wonderful Etsy sellers, are trying to motivate people by donating 100% of the price of some adorable crafts and bracelets to Japan relief efforts. By the time you read this post, some of these items will likely have been sold.  No worries, just go to and search “Japan relief” or “Japan relief 100%” to find items that will send all of the money to organizations providing support to those affected by this terrible tragedy.

1. Origami Paper Crane, Primandplush at Etsy 2. I Heart Japan Necklace, Shixie at Etsy. 3. We Pray for Japan Bracelet, Lady Gaga Online Shop. 4. Love Japan Zipper Pouch, SweetMimiDesigns at Etsy. 5. Inside Out Sushi Roll Candles, doublebrush at Etsy.

If you’d like to donate directly, Carnegie Hall (the organizer of the the JapanNYC festival that is currently taking place) has a great list of organizations.  My husband and I checked out some of them yesterday on Charity Navigator and we decided to donate to the International Rescue Committee, which is a long time favorite of ours because of its great record of providing direct relief to humanitarian crises worldwide.  Others with strong ratings are Save the Children and the NYC Mayor’s Fund (you can choose Japan as the focus of your donation for both). Charity Navigator tells you what percentage of your money goes directly to relief, and what goes to adminstrative and fundraising costs.

Of course if you buy something from Lady Gaga or Etsy, you are paying shipping costs in addition to your donation, and your donation will still be funneled through a charity.  But, you are helping out in Japan and getting something cute out of it.  Two birds, my friends, two birds.