Waste Time at Work with GROW

As many of my buds will tell you, I love video games.  Fable, Katamari, Alice…you name it, I am geeky enough to play and love it.  But what do you do when work gets in the way of your video game calling?  You turn to online games, such as the amazingly fun GROW series from Eyezmaze.

The work of one developer, these cute point and click games are played by clicking the available tools in the correct order.  As you add items to your globe, the objects affect each other as they grow, and there are tons of different worlds you can create depending on what order you decide on.  The object is to max out all your levels but really it’s just fun to see all the different things that can happen!  It’s easy to play but not very easy to win, which to me are the best types of games.

To play the GROW series and other great mini games just go to Eyezmaze and look around.  FINALLY, something to do while you’re at work.