Extreme Lust: Rodarte for Opening Ceremony

Drop Stich Cable Cardigan


Rodarte, Rodarte, Rodarte. I am not the most dedicated follower of fashion, but something about the sisters Mulleavy never fails to make my ears perk up and my pupils dilate. I flip through the slideshows, I read the interviews, I marvel at their inspiration (often music and film) and sheer artistic vision. Most of all, I lust. And lust I sure did when Rodarte and Opening Ceremony unveiled their collaborative collection inspired by a road trip across California.

Layered Ruffle Dress


Rodarte’s collections tend to have an insular feel because the inspirations are so diverse and specific, but the common thread that unites them is always evident. In a way, this reminds me of some really well-done record labels like Sacred Bones or Mississippi. Each of them have a diverse catalog, but knowing the labels and their reputations for good taste, you could buy a record sight unseen and love it, guaranteed. Conversely, fans of these labels could easily look at one of their record sleeves or listen to one of their releases and know who put it out. If only ANY Rodarte piece cost as much as a record…

Aztec Intarsia Sweater


Check out Opening Ceremony’s website and drool over all 116 pieces for yourself.

PS: Speaking of the connection between Rodarte and indie rock, check out this short film directed by Todd Cole, “The Curve of Forgotten Things.” It’s a preview for Rodarte’s spring 2011 collection and features the beautiful Elle Fanning (<3) and the music of Deerhunter: