Batman: The Animated Series

At a time when  a lot of my favorite shows are going on hiatus (why, Vampire Diaries, whyyyy), I find that a good series on DVD recommendation is invaluable.  With this in mind, I am here to tell you about one of my all time favorite shows: Batman: The Animated Series.  What?!  Yes.  A cartoon about Batman.

When I say that this show is a work of art, I’m not kidding.  A film noir, art deco style cartoon is nothing to turn your nose up at…it’s not really something we had seen before the show came out and I haven’t seen it since.  Not only did this show win four emmies during its run, but the writers invented Harley Quinn, a character that DC Comics eventually brought into the DC Comics Universe.

The show also broke new ground in animation; it was the first cartoon to show punches connecting, real guns firing, blood being spilled and people getting shot.  It also has, hands down, the best intro ever.  I could seriously watch it over and over:






Gorgeous, hand painted backgrounds, adult plotlines, a great soundtrack and voice work by Mark Hamill as The Joker?  Whaaat are you waiting for. You can buy me the DVDs on Amazon (I promise I’ll invite you over to watch), or put them on your queue on Netflix.