Say What You Really Mean with Greeting Cards from Zeichen Press

Like many of my fellow Power Animals, I love stationery and even worked in a stationery store in high school. I’ll never forget my time at Siegel’s Stationery in Summit, NJ! Now, I love browsing card shops and picking out clever, pretty, or just plain well-designed cards for friends’ birthdays, engagements, and other important events. A new shop – Papel – recently opened near my apartment in Cobble Hill. It was here that I first discovered the brilliant, funny, and frank greeting cards created by Zeichen Press. I’ve already got a good friend and PA reader in mind for this gem:

Zeichen Press is Fran Shea, Jen Shea, and an old-school letterpress in Minneapolis, MN. Their cards are printed on 100% recycled (30% post-consumer waste) or 100% tree-free cotton paper developed especially for letterpress printing. So, besides being refreshingly honest and smartly designed, Zeichen Press cards are environmentally friendly.Zeichen Press Cards

You can buy Zeichen Press cards at Papel in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, or from their online store.