Sole Society: A New Kind of Sale Site

Sole SocietyThe flash sale site  Haute Look is introducing a new shoe sale site, Sole Society. At first I thought it was a shoe specific flash sale site, which is definitely something I’d be interested in. But no…with Sole Society, they are trying out a whole new concept. According to their web site this is how it works:

Registration is free and easy. Simply take the style quiz and discover your personal Style Bio. Then, we’ll send you an online selection of designer quality on-trend shoes picked especially for you. Choose your favorite heel, wedge, flat or bootie for just $49.95 per month.

While there is the monthly charge of $49.95, if you don’t want a pair of shoes that month, you won’t be charged if you opt out by the fifth of the month. I took the style quiz and they sent me a selection of six shoes within 24 hours. Out of the six, there was one pair I’d consider buying. If you aren’t happy with the original six options they provide, you can request more shoes. However, once they send you a new selection, you can’t go back to the original six. I doubt I’ll be signing up anytime soon — $50 a month on shoes is not in my budget. However, I’ll be interested to see how the sites does. It’s an interesting concept but definitely a little weird to me.

If you are interested, check out Sole Society at Also, if you sign up by March 31, 2011, use the code SS10 to get $10 off your first purchase.