Definicils, I’ll Never Leave You Again.

I find that I look like a hot mess throughout the entire makeup application process, until I add that final essential ingredient: mascara! For some reason defining my lashes makes me look a lot more put together and more like an actual lady. I’ve tried mascaras at prices low (Lash Blast, you are cool for about a day until you get all dry and wack) and high (Diorshow, you have a pretty package, but you really ain’t all that), but the one I always find myself coming back to is Lancome’s Definicils. It’s not the cheapest mascara out there (at $25), but I feel that it’s worth it to not have to labor over the stuck together, short, clumpy lashes that result from a lot of the drugstore brands I’ve encountered. I just got back on the Definicils train after few years of trying other things and I don’t know why I ever left.

Get your own Definicils at Amazon, or whenever your local department store has the old Lancome Bonus!