Bangable Dudes in History: Who’s your historic crush?

I’m not sure how I first came across Bangable Dudes in History: Dead man porn for your still-beating heart, but it’s quickly become one of my favorite blogs. It’s clever, guaranteed lulz, and appeals to my equally important interests in history and attractive men. Here and only here, can you find pictures and carefully charted evidence to support the attractiveness of historical figures from Nikola Tesla to Shah Jahan. Check out Bangable Dudes’s Historic Boner No. 15: Lewis Powell, would-be assassin. Was he involved in the plot to assassinate Lincoln? Yes. Was he still devastatingly handsome and a compassionate friend to stray animals? Yes!

Of course, Bangable Dudes’s author Megan crafts witty pie charts to explain and justify the bangability of her choices. Recently, she’s added female subjects, such as Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts. This bangable dame gets extra points for finding success as a single lady in the early twentieth century.

Gustave Courbet, The Desperate Man, 1844-45

My pick for most bangable dead man is 19th-century French realist painter Gustave Courbet whose career was marked by public scandal and a general “screw you” attitude towards the traditional artistic establishment in France. If that’s not hot, I’m not sure what is. Who’s your historic crush? If you email Megan at, she’ll pie chart him/her for you.