Screw It: Goody Spin Pins

I tend to wear my hair up most of the time, since it’s a little long and unruly and I’m usually too lazy to deal with any real styling of it aside from a little product and 2 minutes with a hair dryer. I used to throw it up in a messy bun with a rubber band but no more! For I have discovered hair screws.  Or, as they are actually called, “Spin Pins”.

The spiraled hairpins from Goody are genius simple to use – you just wind up your hair and screw in one or both from either side. Your bun will stay up, secure and tidy, all day. Ta da. That easy.  You can probably do even more with them than just simple buns but I am not super creative when it comes to my hairdos.  I bought two packages of these when I found them, since I tend to lose hair accessories like crazy.  Apparently these things are so precious to me that I guard them with my life – I’m still on my first package.  I use these little suckers every day!  If you have longer hair and need to put your hair up, you need to get these.  Period.

You can possibly find them at a drug store or buy them here.