Jack Spade for Ladies

Jack Spade Icon Printed Banker's EnvelopeI’ve always been a huge fan of Jack Spade, but not just because it’s the easiest place to shop for my beau. I just love the aesthetic – classic lines, basic colors, and always practical. It’s no big surprise, then, that I found something there that’s worthy of any girl’s accessory shelf.

A few months ago, PA Melissa sent me a link to an oversize leather clutch at American Apparel. There’s something about the simplicity of the idea that we both loved. Usually, I consider my mantra and stick with the simple – especially when it comes in such a pretty camel tone – but Jack Spade has won me over with their take on the traditional banker’s envelope.

The Icon Printed Banker’s Envelope is made of a supple white leather, printed with faded images of random objects. This may be a man’s store, but this bag will feel right at home wedged under my arm on a night on the town.

You can find it for $250 at the Jack Spade store online.