Bet On It!!!

I just want to share with the world my complete love for the song Bet On It from High School Musical 2. I know I shouldn’t but I love all the High School Musical movies. I can’t deny it. The cheesiness, the dancing, the singing, Zac Efron, I love it all. But there is nothing that brings me more joy than Bet On It. Listening to it or singing it leaves me almost giddy. So, watch it, love it, and let it change your life. BET ON IT!!!!!

If watching that mind blowing video doesn’t make you love ZEfron, I’d recommending checking out the behind the scenes footage. He is so serious and determined to get it right, love it.

P.S. The evil genius who wrote Bet On It, Antonina Armato, also wrote a kick ass Miley Cyrus song, See You Again. If you haven’t heard it…listen to it! I know, it’s Miley but it’s also awesome.