A Scented Steal with Tokyo Milk

Perfume, in my opinion, is one of the hardest things to buy. It smells so lovely out of the bottle, on that little paper strip, but when you hang out with it for a while it gives you a headache and makes you slightly nauseous. Oh, and if you’re like me, it also makes you sneeze. That’s why years ago I was devastated to discover that Fresh had discontinued Bulgarian Rose, my favorite (and only) perfume.Tokyo Milk Scarlett Petit Parfum SolideI’ve been fruitlessly searching for a replacement ever since. But the gods have finally smiled upon me with Tokyo Milk. Their Scarlett Petit Parfum Solide hits all the notes that had been missing.  It’s like sticking your nose in a fresh pink rose at the presidential rose garden, without the cloying, sweet smell that I find always lingers with other rose-based perfumes.

The Tokyo Milk line is irresistibly packaged, characterized by sepia-toned horticultural, botanical, and insect illustrations. The images imprinted on the inside of the bottled perfumes ($28) are like looking through a magnifying glass. The petit parfums solides ($18 ) come in matchboxes, like a treasured toy that a kid carefully stowed away years ago. It’s a fitting way to find such a treasure.

You can see the entire line online at Tokyo Milk, or test the fragrances in person at the Kisan Concept Store on 125 Greene Street in SoHo.