Pick Your Sign with Maya Brenner Necklaces

Maya Brenner Zodiac NecklaceMaya Brenner Zodiac Necklace

Maya Brenner’s been pounding out gold jewelry for the Hollywood set for some years now, and you can often find shots of celebs sporting her wares in the usual gossip mags.  Though I’m not a fan of her state pendants, I totally fell in love with her 14K gold zodiac necklaces. They have a beautiful hand-hammered look and a kind of ancient Aztec feel to them.

The question is, which one to pick up? According to the NY Times, the universe has been secretly wobbling away, changing the zodiac before our very eyes. But what does that mean for me? Ladies, there’s no need to fret, it’s good news all around. All you have to do is claim dual zodiacship. Taurus meet Gemini, Gemini, Taurus. Quel plaisir!

You can check out the zodiac on Maya Brenner’s website. Each necklace retails for $300.