PA Brunch Favorite: Dokebi Bar & Grill

Dokebi Bar & Grill

The Power Animals come together once a month for brunch to enjoy some yummy food and discuss all important blog business. Finding a place that can accommodate all nine of us plus let us linger for a few hours was not an easy task. Luckily for us, PA Nicole realized that the always delicious and never overly crowded, Dokebi Bar & Grill had started to serve brunch. I didn’t really know what to expect from brunch at a Korean restaurant but with items like Hot Stone Pork & Grits and Huevos Korean on the menu, I was won over.

Dokebi starts every meal with a variety of delicious little sides, including potato salad, kimchi, radish kimchi, sprouts, seaweed salad, and my favorite chili pickled jalapeños.

Dokebi Sides

While everything on the brunch menu sounds great, it’s really hard to not just order the Hot Stone Pork & Grits — braised berkshire pork belly served over hot grits with country gravy and a sunny side up egg, all in a hot stone bowl. It is pretty much the perfect breakfast.

Hot Stone Pork & Grits

If you are more in the mood for non-brunch items, you can also order anything off their full menu. My personal favorite is the Bibimbap in a hot stone bowl. It costs a few dollars extra but the hot bowl is a must. Let it sit for a little while and the rice will get nice and crunchy on the bottom.


Another PA favorite are Dokebi’s Korean Tacos, they come in a variety of different options including pork belly, short rib, fish, spicy mushroom, spicy pork, spicy chicken, and spicy tofu. If you haven’t had a Korean taco, I’d recommend trying one ASAP.

Korean Tacos

Visit Dokebi at 199 Grand Street (between Bedford and Driggs), Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Brunch is served started at 11:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday.