How Iris Clarke Changed My Life…and Bra Size

Iris Clarke has been fitting and designing bras for decades. In fact, a tee shirt bra she designed for Le Mystere is one of Oprah’s “favorite things.” Clearly, she knows her stuff! Currently, she owns and runs a small shop on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn called Iris Lingerie where she sells high-quality bras and does fittings. I first sought Iris’s help after a  horrible day of bra shopping at Victoria’s Secret and Bloomingdales. I tried on tons of bras in all different sizes – even purchased a few – but nothing seem to fit quite right. I had heard friends talking about getting “fitted” and decided to give it a go.

iris clarke

Iris Clarke in her Atlantic Avenue Shop

Iris didn’t use tape measures to figure out my size, but simply eyed it and saw what fit right. She got right in there opening the curtain and adjusting things – an expert fitting is not for the modest! After trying on a few bras in my new size, I learned that I was wearing bras with a larger band size than I needed. I ended up purchasing a really great – and expensive! – tee shirt bra that I now wear almost everyday. At first, the tight band felt uncomfortable, but it quickly stretched a little and now feels great. Wearing the right bra size has truly changed my bra wearing life! I’m no longer adjusting things throughout the day. Everything stays where it should – locked and loaded. Every woman should get an expert fitting, if she hasn’t already.

Visit Iris at her shop Iris Lingerie.