Blue Bottle’s Off-Menu Rock: The Gibraltar

Thanks to a wedding gift of a Nespresso machine from PA Tammy, my dear husband just started drinking espresso after 30-something years of never having a single sip of coffee or espresso. I’ve been a coffee drinker since high school, but I never bothered to pay attention to the quality for fear of developing the very expensive habit of preferring fancy $5 coffee to coffee that comes from a deli and is $1. Luckily the cheapo coffee still delights me, but for Dan it’s another story. Once he started drinking coffee he wanted to know what a really great cup of espresso tasted like, so we checked out the very best spot in all of Williamsburg, Blue Bottle Coffee.

Blue Bottle Gibraltar from

Blue Bottle's Gibraltar (photo credit:

Much to my amusement, Dan went from zero coffee to cult coffee in the span of a week, falling head over heels in love with Blue Bottle. And in typical Dan fashion, he discovered a somewhat secret BB specialty (a drink that isn’t even on the menu for crying out loud!): the Gibraltar. A Gibraltar is just between a macchiato and a cappuccino. It is so-named because of the cup it is served in, the perfectly sized Libbey 4.5 oz Gibraltar Rocks Glass (a bar staple that is only available by the case). Here is a nice post from the Young and Foodish blog with the full story of the drink’s origin.

Ahhh, the Gibraltar. It is the stuff of dreams. As is the terrifically yummy Blue Bottle cold brewed New Orleans Iced Coffee. Now, do I resent Dan for shattering my bubble of coffee ignorance? Most of the time, no. But I have been noticing the sometimes icky flavor of my deli and cart coffee a little more often lately. Luckily, as I told my brother while we were drinking cheap wine over the holidays, I can turn my taste buds off! I refuse to develop an expensive coffee habit and I will use mind over matter to do so. Even though I REALLY love me some BB. Taste buds in use only on the weekends.

Check out Blue Bottle in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
160 Berry Street between N. 4th and N. 5th.
Follow BB Brooklyn on Twitter here and check out their calendar for their free public cupping (coffee tasting) events here.

They have 6 other locations, all in the San Francisco Bay Area.