Let it Snow!

New York has been inundated with snow this year. So far, thirty-seven inches have fallen in Central Park, which is much more than we’ve had in recent years and winter isn’t over yet. I love snow in New York, especially first thing in the morning after a big storm when it’s in neat white, fluffy plies and before it turns to a brown slushy mess. Wandering the streets in the winter whiteness is all fun until you end up with wet, soggy feet. All the snow this year has left the other Power Animals and I contemplating the comfort, cost, and style of various snow boot options.

Currently, I use my Hunter Welly boots for snow. I bought a great pair of specially designed fleece socks to line them with for added warmth. They keep my feet pretty dry and warm, but not for longer periods. So, running to the store, they’re great…trudging through snow for hours while shopping along Smith Street, not so great. Overall, I think the quality, value, and versatility (rain or snow!) make them a great purchase, but all this crazy winter weather is making me wonder if I need something a little more substantial.

Snow Boots

1. Sorel Joan of Arctic, $139.95, 2. Bean Boots, $149, 3. Hunter Welly, $114.99, 4. Tecnica Delux Moon Boots, $139.95, 5. Sorel Caribou, $110.00

The Sorel Caribou boot has been really popular among New Yorkers for the past few years. I like the look of them and have no doubt that they’re super warm and durable, but have heard that they’re pretty heavy and clunky to walk around in. Maybe they’re best saved for real Arctic weather? A colleague of mine has Sorel’s Joan of Arctic boot. I could definitely see myself rocking these. I like the fur top and the red/pink sole of the buff colored ones. They look more streamlined and lighter than the Caribou.

A bunch of the Power Animals have shearling-lined Bean Boots from L.L. Bean. These are cute, classic, and practical and good for lots of weather conditions. They’re made with fully waterproof leather and can be worn up or rolled down. They look like they’d be super comfortable, light, and easy to walk around the city in. The $149 price tag seems high, but this boot’s style and craftsmanship would likely last for years.

PA Kat just purchased an amazing pair of Tecnica Delux Moon Boots to get her through the remaining weeks of winter weather. These boots are no joke and Kat definitely has the personality and style to rock them. I can’t wait to see her sporting them in person. You can find these boots at Nordstrom.com.