A $26 Hamburger That’s Worth Every Penny

Usually in my posts I blather on and give far too many details about the topic and/or myself. For this one, I’ll *try* keep it brief. Go to Minetta Tavern and order the $26 Black Label Burger. I promise, you will thank me. To learn more about the origin and preparation of this hamburger masterpiece, read A Hamburger Today’s lengthy post (hint: it involves clarified butter and Pat La Frieda Meat Purveyors).

Minetta Tavern's $26 Black Label Burger (photo credit: theulteriorepicure.com)

Here’s the easiest approach that doesn’t require planning ahead: call Minetta Tavern just before they open around 5:30pm and ask if there are any early reservations or cancellations. Or, just show up before 6pm. Chances are you’ll have little problem getting a table. It may not be a great table, but it is a table that will get you a burger you will not soon forget. If you go any later you might have to wait a long time or be told that you should call well in advance for reservations.

For two people order the Black Label Burger, the Roasted Bone Marrow, perhaps something with vegetables and two pints of Old Speckled Hen.  You will be SO. HAPPY.  Ta da!

Minetta Tavern 113 MacDougal Street at the corner of Minetta Lane (between Bleecker and W. 3rd). (212) 475-3850