Paperless Post: A New Option for Evites + Cute Valentine’s Cards

I am hosting a baby shower at my apartment in a few weeks and was initially smitten with the idea of screen printing invitations to mail to my guests. I wanted an excuse to get my craft on and I do love getting real mail! The truth is though that people want to rsvp quickly and easily, have a link to google maps for directions and most of all see who the other guests are and who is coming.

With that in mind I decided to try a relatively new website called Paperless Post instead of the old standby, Evite, as a middle ground between awesome handcrafted and the somewhat cheesy Evites. Paperless Post attempts to recreate a traditional mailed invitation but to be viewed online and even comes in an envelope that you click to open and your invitation slides out.

There are so many options for colors, designs and fonts that I literally spent a few hours reviewing all the possibilities and playing around with different designs. The website overall is user friendly but I did run into a few snags initially that made me somewhat hesitant. By the end though, I was very happy with the look of the invite and the features available in terms of managing and tracking rsvps.

The website charges a small fee for sending the invitations and to expand your color choices for envelopes but it was only a few dollars to send the 25 for my party and I think was totally worth it. They have cards for everything from baby showers, to wedding thank you cards and even a cute selection of valentine’s cards. I think Paperless Post is a great option to have and will use them again. You can check out the website for yourself here!