BHLDN: In which Anthropologie claims another piece of our souls.

When PA Hillary got married last year, I started looking at a lot of wedding blogs.  Even though the (wonderful) wedding has come and gone, I STILL look at a lot of wedding blogs.  I tell myself it is for crafting inspiration, but really I just like to look at a lot of pretty dresses.  A lot of my favorite weddings from these blogs are “Anthropologie inspired”, since they have perfected being the lifestyle brand that every girl wants to aspire to, so I guess it makes perfect sense that they Anthro just go ahead and become a wedding brand as well.

According to The Street, on February 14 (oh of COURSE they would launch on Valentine’s day) Anthropologie’s new wedding site,, will launch.  From what I gather, it’s going to be even MORE lifestyle oriented, so instead of just coveting overpriced sweaters we can all covet overpriced vintage inspired wedding dresses and the bride’s lives as well.

Check out the site at