For the Never-Ending Winter

Retail shops may have already declared the end of the winter shopping season, but by all weather reports, we still have some miserably cold days ahead of us. That means that my apartment floors are still freezing my feet every night. I curse the day that I shrank my beautiful Russian wool slippers in the drier to kill the bedbugs that had briefly infested my apartment. But those days have long passed, and I’m still walking barefoot on a cold floor.

Maybe it was my feet subconsciously ordering my brain to make me find a new pair of slippers, maybe it was just sheer luck, but today I found just the pair. They’re not the beautiful pink and brown wool booties that my best friend brought back from Russia for me, but they are Finnish, so, well, that’s pretty close? They’re a classic dark gray felt wool, in the shape of a simple Finnish clog.  I love them, and am ordering up a pair straight away!

You can check them out on the Matteria website.