It’s Turban Time

In my never-ending quest to become a fabulous retiree, I often make an effort to dress the part. This includes wearing tons of cocktail jewelry, caftans (only around the apartment–someday I should be so brave as to wear one in public), scarves, over-sized sunglasses, faux furs, and of course, turbans.

Way back in 2003 I saw Chloe Sevigny at the now defunct art bar Passerby wearing a pretty white turban with a pale pink flowing silk top tucked in to cream high-waisted trousers. She looked amazing and very Old Hollywood (which we can credit with originating the trend). Oodles of celebrities have been seen rocking the look recently (Kate Moss, Ashley Olson, Rachel Zoe to name a few) and many fashion blogs have covered the trend (including the amazing GranPaparazzi).  I’m going to add the PA voice to the chorus, as I was just inspired to buy this little cutie the other day. Here’s a small selection of adorable turban finds:

1. black turban with gold bead ($19) 2. velvet camel turban ($15) 3. black plain velvet turban from topshop ($32) 4. sequin turban hat by kokin ($366)

All winter I have been avoiding hats because I can’t find one that covers my ears that is actually cute, but perhaps I have my solution! It’s tuuurban tiiiime.