Pendleton Pillows!

A few weeks ago I stopped by my friend Dan’s house to watch a little Sunday night football. I love visiting Dan, because he’s great company, he always has good eats, and as a bonus I get to hang out with his awesome dog, Georgie (AKA Hamburger Lips). Overall, it was a great night – the Jets won, I ate some chips and salsa, and, to top it all off, I discovered a new source for Pendleton goods!

It turns out that Dan’s very talented sister, Kara Green, has started a little shop of her own. She sources dead-stock Pendleton fabrics and crafts beautiful throw pillows for the well-appointed home. I’ve got my eye on the muted gray Hopi pillows that will look ever so pretty on my light blue couch. It’s such a nice, affordable way to get a little Southwest love in your life.

Check out her online store here!