A Little Change for Kopila

Kopila Valley Fundraiser

Back in October the NY Times Magazine ran a cover story on a new generation of philanthropists and their new brand of DIY foreign aid. Maggie Doyne and her amazing Kopila Valley Children’s Home and School are featured in the piece, and her story is nothing short of inspiring. At nineteen, Maggie took $5000 in babysitting savings and bought a piece of land in a remote village of Nepal. In short time, she raised enough funds in the United States to build a school and boarding house for local orphans. The school has become such a huge success, that well-to-do parents from the area clamor to get their kids enrolled.

My good friend Noel Camardo worked on the photos that accompanied the NY Times article. He went to Nepal and traveled to this village, and had the opportunity to meet the Kopila Valley kids and the woman who has given them a second chance in life. Needless to say, he was struck by their story, and came back determined to do something to help keep the school going.

On February 3rd, Noel is hosting a fundraiser for the Kopila Valley Children’s Home and School at Daddy’s in Brooklyn. We all know that a little change goes a long way, so we’re asking everyone to dig through their couches and turn out their pockets, and bring a little change in a jar to help support a kid in need. In return, we promise you good music and Blue Stove pies that’ll have you dancing all night.

Learn more about Kopila Valley Children’s Home and School on their website, and check out who’s coming to the party next Thursday on Facebook!