2011 Fashion Resolutions

Now that 2011 is well under way, the Power Animals thought it was high time we look ahead and share our fashion resolutions for the new year. You’ll notice there are a few themes I think we can all relate to:

Dress up for work! I spend the day with first graders so it’s easy to justify wearing jeans and sneakers everyday. In 2011, I want to wear more dresses, skirts, and fancy tops to work…as long as their comfortable and washable.

I hate work clothes but until I strike it rich, I’m stuck wearing them five days a week. So, my fashion resolution is to cultivate a more stylish work wardrobe.

My fashion resolution is to accessorize more! I am somehow scared of and/or confused by accessories (especially belts and earrings), and this year I will endeavor to incorporate them into my wardrobe more. Accessories, you and I are about to become better friends.

Elevate my basic wardrobe by adding simple accessories. I want to keep the jeans and t-shirts but add the right shoes, jewelry and bags to look like less like a teenager and more like a (fun) grown-up.

I have a tendency to stain, tear, pill and wear out all my things – this year I will take care of my clothes!

I have hoarder tendencies – most of which I force to be latent – but
this year I want to make them go away totally with regards to my
wardrobe. If it makes me sad, uncomfortable, or angry when I put it
on, it must go immediately…to a PA clothing swap.

Simplify my look, but still look chic – would French do 2011!

My fashion resolution, as it is every year, is to live this mantra: Quality, Not Quantity!  Every year I start out with the best of intentions, but by the end of the year I find myself buying a nylon shirt at H&M that I will only wear once.  So this year, I will always think, Would French Do?  Classic, stylish, quality clothing…French would do.

In 2011 I’d like to wear more simple, chic, mature, fashion-forward pieces. More silk and other natural materials (although I’ll never turn down a bit of stretch). More items with unusual or tailored cuts. I think PA Melissa has it right: quality, not quantity.  I have so much junk that I’ve only worn once.  I’d rather have a handful of items that I can wear over and over again and feel really good about.

Pictures from top: Anthropologie.com; Bloomingdales; PA Tammy