French Cooking Made Easy-ish

With the weather the way it is (cold, dreary, wet, UGH), I am finding it really hard to motivate when I get home.  Laundry = undone, dinners = uncooked, apartment = unclean.  I sound like a gross pig, I know.  But I’m not worried, because I fully except Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table to save me from my winter doldrums!

Thank God for gift certificates for Christmas…I picked this puppy up the last time I was in Barnes and Noble, and I am SO excited to use it.  I find that a lot of French cookbooks can be pretty fussy, but this book is the epitome of easy, healthy home cooking.  I am so excited to try the herbed olive mix…can you believe it never occurred to me that I could buy plain olives and season them myself?  Duh.  That is the epitome of FWD, true fact.

Do yourself a favor and pick up your copy at Amazon…I got mine at B&N and it was 14 beans more!  Pshaw.

PS:  I just found a group on Dorie Greenspan’s site called French Fridays with Dorie…how fun!  You enter and then each week are sent a recipe from Around My French Table.  You cook the meal, take pictures, write down your thoughts, and then post it to your blog on Friday.  There is quite the community and it looks like you can get some really great tips from other people who are making the same thing you are, which sounds awesome and super helpful.  I just signed up…I’ll keep you posted on my first assignment!