Get Your Hot Soul Injection Here

I have a habit of overdownloading. Songs, mixtapes, whathaveyou – I download way more than I have time to listen to, and oftentimes they just sit there untouched for unspecified amounts of time. For example, I had my work iTunes on shuffle the other day and this mix came on. It turns out that I downloaded it in 2009 and this was its very first listen, two years later. The happy ending for this lil mix is that it has now found a permanent forever home in my iTunes. Terry Diabolik of Finger on the Pulse NYC put together this little half hour of heaven – Stevie Wonder, a ridiculously badass Candi Staton track and Merry Clayton’s cover of “Gimme Shelter” – and all I can say is right click, save as. Anytime is the right time for a hot soul injection.

Download “go on…” here.