Wake Me Up, Cutie

Pylones Wood Station Clock

It’s bad enough that I have to wake up in the morning, why must my eyes be further submitted to the hideous design of a functional alarm clock? You would think that after all these years, someone would have designed something slightly more aesthetically pleasing than the Sony Dream Machine. But it’s true, there are hardly any alarm clocks out there that I would proudly display on my bedside table. When I have found something cute in the past, it has an analog clock, that just isn’t precise for alarm setting. I’ve discovered this analog flaw by owning and using a Tivoli clock radio as my alarm. I can seriously say that 40% of the time the damn thing never even goes off. I’m pretty close to giving up on it entirely, and if it wasn’t such a good looking piece, with such good sound, I would’ve dumped it in the trash.

So I took to the interwebs in search of an alternative, and was close to calling it a day when I discovered the Wood Station Clock. Tada! A clock that’s 1. Digital, 2. Wooden, 3. Adorable. And, for extra credit, it solves a problem I forgot that I had, it tells me the weather! I will now be much more excited about rainy days and thunderstorms. This beauty will definitely be starring on my nightstand in the near future.

Check it out at Pylones.