When Mantras Fail for Pendleton

With all my talk about WFD, sometimes I come across an outfit that just makes me want to toss the mantra out the window. It’s usually one of those things that is so over the top that it works, or maybe you just really want it to work, because, let’s face it, it’s love at first sight. Behold the Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony jumpsuit!

Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony Onesie FrontPendleton Meets Opening Ceremony Onesie Back

Everything about this is ridiculous. It’s a onesie with long sleeves, long pant legs, and lapels, all made out of Pendleton patterned wool fabric in red, yellow, and gray. Sounds hideous, right? Everything about this screams DO NOT BUY, including its $600 price tag. As PA Hillary once wisely said, if you’re spending that much on something, you have to wear it every day. Which in turn means that I should not buy this thing, which would most likely end up in my closet as a treasured piece that I would slip on to prance around in my apartment, but would not have the courage to wear in the real world.

Who knows, maybe one day I will find this amazing piece of fashion treasure in a sample sale for pennies of its original price. Until then, I will deign to dream.

Meet Pendleton jumpsuit craziness at Opening Ceremony.