Go Hard with Elke Kramer

I am a huge fan of hardcore accessories. Anything that makes me (think I) look like a badass is going to come home with me from whence it came. On a recent trip to L.A., I hit up the curatorial zeitgeist that is Family. There, I spent too much money and bought too many awesome things I didn’t need, but HAD TO HAVE. One of these things was the Tough Love ring from Australian designer Elke Kramer.

The dark, marbled midnight blue coupled with the spiky peak and the formidable size (seriously, it covers at least half of my finger) did more than fill my requirement for baddassery.  But on a metaphorical tip, the ring is made of resin, which may look tough and durable, but is secretly quite fragile…not an inappropriate description of my very soul!

But, back to Ms. Kramer, believe it or not, this ring is one of the more understated in her repertoire.  She creates incredible bracelets, necklaces, scarves, and handbags and needless to say, I want to own them all. I mean, check out this scarf! I can see my fellow Power Animals going crazy over it now…

Our fellow Americans can purchase Elke Kramer‘s incredible wares at the aforementioned Family or Opening Ceremony.