Karen Marie Moning: Genius.

My most dear Internet friends, it has come to the point now where I drop the veil and show you who I really am: A Person Who Reads Romance Novels. I tell you this selflessly, though I may be ridiculed, because I want to give you a most precious gift: the gift of Karen Marie Moning.

The lady herself.

KMM, as I call her, because in my heart we are pals, has written some exTREMEly entertaining books in the Scottish time-travel romance genre, (did you not know that existed? another gift for you, my friend!) but her latest series, the Fever series, is EVEN better. And that is saying a lot, since her Highlander series is like a treasure trove of passages like this one, in which we find a 14th century Scottish Druid who is cursed with the souls of 13 evil druids in his brain, living in present day NYC – “A few feet to his right, the sixty-inch screen was reflected in the glistening glass and David Boreanaz stalked broodingly, playing Angel, the tortured vampire with a soul. Dageus watched long enough to ascertain it was a repeat, then let his gaze drift back to the night.”

He then goes on to ruminate on the fact that he is facing much greater problems than Angel. The not so subtly implied fact that he is a regular viewer of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and/or “Angel” was not lost on this reader.KMM is probably a genius, I think, and her latest series, the Fever books, follows the exploits of a character who might be THE MOST irritating protagonist ever, MacKayla Lane, a southern belle who travels to Ireland to find out who murdered her sister. Shadowfever, the final book in the series (which comes out January 18th and I can hardly WAIT!), is the culmination of her transformation from irritating idiot who cares about nothing but like, Juicy Couture purses and iTunes downloads, to an irritating crazy person bent on vengeance, and will undoubtedly have many sex fairies causing trouble and a lot of heavy handed pontificating by the Jericho Barrons, the “love interest.” (He is mysterious and mean and has a past, obviously.) I have gone on too long, I fear, but I have yet another gift for you: a fan-made trailer for the series from some sort of contest that was held. KMM inspires such art, you guys.

A final note: TRUST ME when I say that audiobook is the BEST way to expose yourself to this series. You can thank me later.

Start by listening to Faefever, available on Amazon.