Gussy Up Your iPhone

With the news out that Verizon will finally be supporting iPhones, I have a feeling that folks are going to be snatching up a looooot of iPhones in the new few weeks.  I will definitely be amongst them, since I have been patiently waiting for this news so I can finally be free of the shackles of AT&T’s icky service!  I am already looking for new, cute cases for my iPhone 4, and I think some of the below fit the bill quite nicely:

1. DS Zirconia Series, $24.80  2. kellokult Gold iPhone Wrap, $10.00  3. DS Tape Series, $23.25 4. society6 Matt Scobey One, $35.00  5.  society6 Christina Schaffell Way Up High #3, $35.00  6. kellokult Retro Nintendo Controller Skin and Wrap, $15.00  7.  HardCandy Superlight Beach Collection, $34.95  8. society6 Charmaine Olivia Flower Burst, $35.00