Crepe Gateau

Ah holiday baking, you foul temptress.  Every year, I have SO many ideas, SO many plans…and then at the last minute I am running around like a mad woman, pots and pans everywhere.  Before you know it, the apartment is a million degrees because the oven has been on all day and my poor boyfriend and cat are running for their lives in the wake of my baking anxiety.  Not good.

That’s why this year, for my man’s bday (which is on Dec. 30th) I decided to keep it simple.  If you are familiar with my business Cake Hero then you will know that for me, “simple” is anything that is not decorated.  I wanted pretty, rustic and easy, and when I saw Sweet Paul’s layered crepe cake, I knew it would be perfect for my needs:

A lovely pile of gorgeous crepes, smothered in lemon curd with homemade whipped cream and candied lemon peel!  It sounds so fancy but really, with the lemon curd and crepe batter made in advance, the day-of prep was minimal.

A few tips to help you on your way:  1) This was my first time ever making crepes, so I was definitely intimidated.  Make sure to get your pan nice and hot.  If you are using a non stick pan, a very small swipe of butter is all that is needed.  My first two crepes were gross and ugly and runny because the pan was not hot enough, and there was too much butter on the pan.  2) I used a 1/4 dry cup measure and poured a scant 1/4 cup of batter onto the pan.  Hold the pan away from the flame and swirl quickly to make the crepe shape.  If there are little holes in your crepes do what I did and quickly fill them in tiny amounts of extra batter.  No one will ever know!  3) You can pile the crepes up on a plate where they will cool.  The whole time I was weirdly worried that they would stick together but no!  Stack em up, then when they are completely cool they can be transferred over easily to another plate for assembly. Decorate with some edible gold stars and enjoy!