The Hairpin: Lady Mags Lulz

We Power Animals have spent many an hour in rapturous lulz thanks to “magazines for women” and their ridonkulous quizzes and sex tips. For instance, did you know that He’s dying for you to explore “the area between His butt and balls?” Yes, that’s a direct quote. Well, it appears that we have some likeminded homies over at The Hairpin, an amazing and hilarious women-focused blog. Their recent send-up of women’s mags’ Letters to the Editor definitely had me ROTFLMVO. Love y’all, Hairpin. Let’s be BFFs.

An excerpt:

Life Lessons

“5 Things I Wish I Knew … Then” was a real eye-opener. No matter how busy or stressful my life is, now I’ll think twice before cracking open that bag of chips so I don’t regret it later in life. Thanks for this article and for a fantastic magazine in general.

Sarah K, Ohio (Shape, November 2010)

Is it the crinkling that bothers you? Because what you can do is pour the chips into a cloth bag, and then it’s like “finally, some peace!” And if you want to get creative with the bag, you can sew a little monogram on the front. Like, “Ruth’s,” or whatever your own personal name is. “Ann,” “Kate,” whatever. “Joan.” Or, if you’re a guy, “Mark.” Whatever it happens to be. “Louis.” It could be anything. “Elizabeth.” “Liz,” if you use a nickname.

Ruth K., Detroit