Coffee’s On

Coffee's On

My dad has a real talent for giving rad  gadgets, tchotchkes, and toys. I scored with my Christmas stocking this year – notably with a rubber duck key chain that quacks and illuminates when you squeeze it – but the real gem was in a nicely wrapped cube under the tree. It was a mug, which I thought was sweet because he had broken one the last time he visited me in BK. Little did I realize how amazing this gift actually was.

It’s the On/Off mug designed by Damian O’Sullivan for the MoMA store – so it seemed pretty cool to begin with. Last night I debuted it with a cup of tea, and my mind was blown. As soon as the hot water hit the mug, it started changing colors, and went from “off” to “on”.  I knew when I needed a refill when it went black and told me it was “off”. Seriously, this is my new favorite toy.

Get your own at the MoMA store.