The Must-Try Condiment of 2011

One of the best and worst Christmas gifts I received this year came in a rather innocuous little jar in my stocking. It has the totally unappealing name of  Spekuloos Waffle Spread but it is something I have been dying to try again after having just one small, tiny little taste at a friend’s house a couple of years ago.

It is a Belgian condiment that looks like smooth peanut butter but tastes exactly like gingerbread cookies. I am not sure what the Belgians traditionally put it on besides waffles but this week I have tried it on fruit, bread, cookies, chocolate and just plain on a spoon. It is the worst present ever because I  just can’t stop eating it!

The creamy cookie sweetness is totally awesome and highly addictive. If I can bring myself to share any with others,  I think it could make a mind-blowing frosting for a cupcake. Waffles and Dinges makes and sells it here in New York or it  can be purchased in their online shop.