Small Pleasures: Everyday Minerals

For those of you who don’t know, I am a closet makeup fiend.  I really don’t wear a lot on a regular basis, and what I do wear is pretty understated and neutral, but I LOVE to splurge on all matter of lipsticks, eye-shadows, blushes, etc.  My true weakness is makeup gadgetry but that is a tale for another time.  Today I want to talk about eye-shadows.  Specifically, those from Everyday Minerals.  Mineral makeup is no big deal, obviously, thanks to Bare Escentuals everybody and their mama is down with the minerals, but what I love about EM is – not to sound like Crazy Eddie or anything – their incredible selection and low low prices.  To be honest the prices used to be INSANE, with “sample” sized eye-shadows (which, p.s., would last me forEVER) coming in at 2 dollar fifty each, and don’t even get me started on how they discontinued their freebie sampler, which is what got me hooked on the whole thing, but, at $4.50 for a roll on travel size shadow, it’s still cheap enough to grab a handful and not feel too bad about it.

I can personally vouch for these colors as being infinitely wearable, at least on me (a palish, frecklefaced wonder) with a great formula for blending and I guess foiling, if you’re into doing that kind of work in the morning.

Hot Chocolate


Ginger Peach