Our Brothers from Another Mother (We Wish!): StreetEtiquette.com

Um, I just heard about this blog and my mind is currently being blown.  Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs are the 21-year-old proprietors of the style blog StreetEtiquette.com and are making waves in fashion by talking about the oft overlooked world of menswear with a focus on contemporary urban trends.  They aim to bring a historical context to what’s happening in fashion today by posting current collections of modern trend pieces alongside images of similar classic  or inspiration pieces from past eras.

Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs Teach our Men how to Dress at StreetEtiquette.com

In one of their recent posts, Josh and Travis talk with an old friend about the classic Stacy Adams Brockton Madison boot, or simply “Stacys” as they were known in West Philadelphia where Jon grew up.

The Madison Boot

With amazing editorial choices, beautiful styling, and crisp photography, this blog is being forwarded to my husband IMMEDIATELY and going straight into my daily rotation.  Le swoon.