Would French Do? An Introduction

French Would Do: Effortless

One day I was staring at my closet, thinking about what I was going to put on, when I realized that I was just trying too hard. As hot as Carrie and the girls look strutting through the city in impossible heels and tutus, in my life, it’s just too much. All I really want is a pair of APCs, a white t-shirt, and a silk scarf around my neck. Effortless and chic.

When I really think about it, what I love most is that classic French style. It’s tailored cuts, quality fabrics, and simple but sophisticated looks that never go out of style. That’s all you need, effortless chic, casual sophistication, what French would do. Now, when getting dressed is giving me agita, I look at myself and ask, would this fly on the French Riviera? Could I wear this to dinner at L’Ami Louis?

Welcome to the MANTRA: Would French Do?