iPhone Gloves: Genius or Scary?

I noticed these iPhone sensitive gloves made by Echo at a few different shops on Smith Street last weekend. They’re super soft, comfortable gloves that come in a bunch of nice colors. The tips of the thumb and pointer fingers of each glove are made with a special fabric that allows you to use them on an iPhone’s sensitive touch screen. At first, I thought, “Wow! This is genius!” Naturally, there have been many times this fall/winter when I’ve been stuck on a street corner, desperately trying to figure out directions on Google Maps or check an address in an email with one thumb stuck awkwardly out of up my cheapo H&M gloves. Wouldn’t it be great to be able do this with my gloves still on? Maybe. Part of me wants to run out and get a pair, while the other part of me feels that it’s pretty scary that there are special clothes out there encouraging us to be that much more dependent on our cell phones.

Echo Touch Gloves

If you want a pair, you can find them at Echo or Bird on Smith Street.