Blizzard Nails

Blizzard Nails: Essie's Chinchilly with Orly silver glitter

While New York City is being hit by the first big snow storm of the winter, I’m hunkering down in my apartment and doing some blizzard inspired nail art. A few months ago, I went to Sakura Nail Spa for my first gel manicure. It was pretty life changing, not just because I realized I could have a manicure that lasts weeks, but because it opened my eyes to a whole new world of nail art. It was pretty much love at first sight when I saw my first glitter gradation. I’d be happy to have the artists of Sakura Nail Spa do my nails every few weeks, but I don’t have the time or money. So, instead I decided to try the look out for myself at home, and it was shockingly easy!

To get your own blizzard nails, start with a base coat of Essie’s Chinchilly. Once the polish is dry or close to dry, it’s time to start with the sliver glitter polish. I personally love the Orly glitters for gradations, they have a really nice consistency and come in a lot of basic colors. The gradation effect requires three or four thin layers of glitter polish, so make sure there is only a little polish on the brush for each layer. The first layer should start about half-way down the nail. Start the second layer a little bit higher than the first, and so on until you reach the tip. For the final touch, I usually add a little extra glitter polish on the very tip of the nail. Finish it off with your favorite top coat and then you are done!

You can find Essie’s Chinchilly online at Amazon.