No Noe Yet

LV I dream of thee

This morning I died a little inside… of envy. I was waiting for the subway when I spotted someone toting the bag that I’ve been dreaming about getting: the Louis Vuitton Petit Noe in fawn. Here I was, thinking I had a unique moment of brilliance to bring back the bucket bag, and this girl beat me to the punch. It was even in the color that I wanted – not the LV monogram, not some weird red and blue combo, but in fawn. Fawn! I’d buy the bag just for the name of that color!

All this means is that now that I’ve seen it in real life, I NEED to have it. It’s every bit as stunning as I imagined it to be. The luscious, dark caramel shade will look gorgeous with just about any outfit, and it has a sturdy shape that won’t sag with the weight of all the crap that I have to carry. Not to mention that it’s a Louis V classic, so it’s clearly a worthy investment. Too bad I’m broke and I can’t shell out 500 beans for my dream vintage bag.

If you feel my pain, buy me one here!