Coveting Shearling Clog Boots

Some of my coworkers have been rocking Sven‘s shearling clog boots for years now. They look cute under wide leg pants, over skinny jeans, and with dresses and dark tights. But more importantly, they look super comfortable and warm, which is key for teacher footwear! We spend most of the day on our feet and stand outside in the bitter cold while the kiddies play tag and do the monkey bars.

Aviator Leather Shearling Boot by No. 6

A friend recently introduced to me to No. 6 – an awesome local store – that makes some beautiful variations on the Sven clog boot look. I love the Aviator boot. They’re taller and more stylized than the Sven boot with a slightly narrower toe and higher heel. In my boot-wearing fantasies, this is the most comfortable and toastiest boot around, but for now, the price is keeping them just out of reach.

You find these boots at No.6 or order them through their online store.