Strapping Idea!


I happened upon this wacky/smart product this weekend while browsing through the UK Daily Mail website (one of my favorite places for Euro-gossip and a British take on US celebrity news–always a treat) and although I don’t think I’m going to buy them right away, I’m glad to know they exist.  Baggy-jeans-knee is probably not a problem that too many people have, but I have seen it every once in a while.  Maybe it’s just that most of my pants are of the skinny variety and they don’t bunch too much.  Either way, this is a solution to the whole tuck-your-jeans-into-your-socks routine, which is a little annoying and can be uncomfortable.  But are these comfortable?  Is the bastardized version of the word “stirrups” necessary for the product’s name?  What is using a Z instead of an S supposed to tell us about the brand?   Regardless, the Strupz clearly work their magic in the photos on the website.   And props the the cute British lady who invented and marketed the product after searching high and low for a better way to keep her pants from bunching around her knees.  Looking good!

Keep your pants tucked into your Wellies!