Seeing Black: The Perfect Opaque Tights

Spanx Tight-End Tight

I came to the realization this fall that wearing a cute dress with opaque tights is far more comfortable than a pair of skinny jeans with added bonus of being fancier and who doesn’t want that? Quickly, my quest to wear more dresses became a search for the perfect pair of black, opaque tights. For me, control top is a must. I started with b.ella tights from Lily in Brooklyn.

b.ella makes opaque tights with control top, as well as some without that come in varying deniers. For those of you who are as new to the tight world as I am, denier is a unit of measure for the linear mass density of fibers in a textile. Tights with a higher denier are more tightly woven and opaque. I really like the fit of the b.ella Opaque Control Top Tight and feel that the price – $18.00 – is reasonable, but was disappointed to see a pair come apart at the seems after a few cold machine washes.

Next, I tried the Hue Super Opaque Control Top Tight which is available just about everywhere. At two pairs for $20.00 or one for $12.50, they’re a great bargain. The opacity of these tights is great and they hold up well in the wash, but the material has a slight sheen that I don’t like and the waistband tends to roll down too easily.

On the recommendation of a friend, I went to Ricky’s in search of Spanx brand opaque tights. I purchased the Tight-End Tight in black and am in love! These tights are the perfect marriage of comfort, quality, and opacity. Naturally, that comes at a price. At $26.00 a pair they’re more of an investment, but well worth it in my mind.

You can find them at Ricky’s or Amazon.